She’s Alive!

Yes!  I am here!

Last week I was crazy-busy with studying for exams – In between memorizing and practice problems, I was also starting to get acquainted with the research I’ll be doing in lab and keeping up with my TA duties.

Needless to say, blog posts fell by the wayside for a little bit.

Hope everyone is hanging in there – I am very excited to finally see some mild changes in weather here in south Florida, hinting at the coming of fall …

P.S. To all those who follow along with Google Reader, Blog Lovin’, etc. – I was getting a little bored with the blog layout I’ve been using, so I updated to a bolder and more minimal theme.  Come check it out!

[Photo source by yours truly!]



  1. Hey Sasha, I know you’re still alive:) It’s been a while since I left a comment but I have followed most of your posts whenever my brain has some time to think about something else other than work. It looks like you’re settling in nicely down in Florida.

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