I am a stitching fiend.

I’m pretty impressed with how many new items I’ve managed to complete and get into the shop to prepare for the winter holidays (don’t roll your eyes, they’ll be here before you know it!)

I’ve been hard at work sewing up a new flock of smile-inducing tufted bird ornaments and a few new embroidery designs.

But honestly, I am most excited about my brand new line of cyanobacteria microbe magnets!!

Cyanobacteria (otherwise known as blue-green algae) is a type of microorganism that has been around for a long, long time.  They are thought to be the little life form that converted our earth’s previously-noxious atmosphere into one where we could live, breathe and thrive!

What better way to honor these mighty microbes than to stick a pair to your fridge or put them to use in your office?

What do you think?  Are they a welcome addition to the WNM family?  I think so!



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