With all the post-move and new-student craziness going on, it’s hard to find time to be creative – But I did manage to get a few new embroidery hoop designs into the shop last week!

One of my newest pieces was inspired by the baby mangrove trees Jim and I spotted while hiking around Oleta River State Park a while back:


I absolutely love how it turned out!!

I was toying with the idea of adding more wildlife to the underwater area, but decided to leave it as is and really let the detail in the tree shine.  This is definitely one of my most time-consuming embroideries – I’ve never stitched so many lazy daisy loops at one time!

Click here to find the mangrove tree listing in my shop.

As far as other new items, I am brainstorming and starting to work on ornaments for the holidays and stitching a brand new species of microbial magnet!



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