Unexpected care packages are the best.

Last week, Jim and I received a box full of goodies from our friend Jen of Little Batch Botanicals!

After getting my first whiff of her Pumpkin Spice Soap last year, I knew I was hooked.  I’ve been using her products ever since and I seriously cannot go back to regular soap or body wash.  My skin has never felt so good!

I’m also addicted to her lip balms – They come in a variety of unique and yummy scents (Jim actually prefers her “Naked” version, perfect for guys who don’t want to smell too sweet).

I mean seriously, check out this loot!

She also included one of her brand new soy candles in the mix – Can’t wait to light it once the weather feels a little more autumn-y down here.  Also, her “Buggin’ Out” insect repellent works like a dream (trust me, speaking as a sensitive-skinned lady in the land of mosquitoes here in Florida, I know) – I’ve been carrying it with me everywhere.

Don’t believe me?  Then you should probably check out Little Batch and see for yourself!

Thanks Jen!



  1. You’re sooooo welcome! You guys had a rough move, and truly deserve a bit of pampering.

    Sheesh, you take better pics of my products than I do. I should send you one of everything so I can get some decent product photos!

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