Hump Day Finds

Etsy crushes of the week:

Find them here:

*I have been informed that capow’s Florida print design was taken from Ork Posters.  Please click here to find the original inspired typography designs.



  1. I hate to sound like a jerk, but the Florida poster is one of about a million rip-offs of Ork Posters. I’ve noticed Etsy is full of people who have simply copied their style wholesale.

    This bothered me recently when I was looking for geography-related prints on Etsy, so I had to mention it.

    • Thanks for the comment Julie, I was previously unaware of Ork Posters – I do my best to pick finds by sellers who do unique and individual work, but I’m not perfect and the occasional copy-cat will slip by my screen. I will add the Ork Posters link to the post, thank you.

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