We spent the second evening on our trip to Florida in Savannah, GA.  We had to, because literally e v e r y o n e we mentioned Savannah to before we left gushed over how much they loved it and where we had to go when we were there.

We only had an afternoon to poke around and explore the town, so Jim and I grabbed lunch at Zunzi’s (yum – highly recommended) then went for a walk down by the waterfront (which felt good after being cooped up in the car for 2 days).  The stairs leading down to the river were tall and frightening and craggy cobblestones were everywhere you went.  We enjoyed watching the fat pigeons hop around the train tracks and picked up some Savannah Bee honey.  That evening we had dinner at Alligator Soul (tasty but a bit overpriced) and ice cream at Leopold’s.

Here are a few photos of our brief, but very much enjoyable stay:

I definitely see a long weekend spent here in the future!


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