I’m learning that things never go as planned.

[image source: paperfashion]

Today is my last day at work as a research assistant – A bittersweet experience, as there are aspects of this job that I love and aspects I can’t wait to break away from.  I’ve learned a lot over the past 2 years (most of which has nothing to do with science, oddly enough) and have met some awesome people (like Jess!).

Life has also decided to jab another stick in our spokes (literally) as Jim essentially broke his arm earlier this week while mountain biking.  I’ve been a mess for the past couple days due to job/health insurance/packing/moving stress – But last night I finally realized that I need to stop being a control freak and a selfish bitch (because neither helps the situation much) and just take a step back and see what I can do to make things go as smoothly as possible for everyone.

I’m also learning that (as much as I wish I was) I am not Wonder Woman.  Despite by best efforts to do everything on my own (I hate asking for help of any kind) – My parents have really saved the day and provided a much-needed shoulder to lean on.  Thank you.

On a happier note!  We are heading down to my Mom’s house in Rehoboth Beach for the weekend and I’m definitely looking forward to a couple days of sun, sleep and relaxation before the craziness picks up again …

Thanks for all of your positive comments and support – They truly mean a lot!



  1. Hang in there, Sasha! All I can say is don’t beat yourself up too much. Moving, new job, school, etc….it’s unbelievably stressful. I know you know that, but sometimes it helps to hear it again? Maybe? It’s just a little dip in the momentum…all will be good soon. You guys have so many big, fun adventures ahead! Sorry to hear about Jim’s arm…sending lots of healing mojo!

    • Thanks for the little “oomph” Amy! Things are already starting to look up again – Surgery has finally been scheduled and other things are falling into place :)

  2. i had a mini epiphany the other week with my whole tb thing. while i was sitting in my car waiting to pick up friends from the airport i just thought you know what? there is nothing you could have done so why are you stressing? what good will it do? turned out neg but still, i was proud that i didn’t let it affect my mood for the rest of the weekend, something that isn’t easy for me to do.
    i hope jim has a speedy recovery and have fun at the beach!

  3. The both of you deserve a restful weekend. May it help heal both Jim’s arm (ouchie!) and your tattered nerves.

    A little phrase I learned from my husband (who learned it from the Jedi-master like mentor he had in his apprentice days):

    Bend like the willow.

    As strong as it is, the great oak, when faced with adversity of the tree type (wind), will lose limbs and sometime even crack right down the middle. The willow, on the other had, with its graceful, fragile look, has strong roots and goes with the flow — both keep it safe.

    • Definitely good advice to keep in mind – Thanks Jen :) We’re hanging in there – Surgery is scheduled for Friday and it will be nice to finally start the healing process from there.

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