I have a balcony … now what?

Not gonna lie, my favorite feature of the new apartment is the balcony.

I’ve wanted an outdoor space to call my own ever since I learned Jim taught me to cook – I’d like to grow my own fresh herbs and perhaps a veggie plant or two.

Since yesterday, I’ve been perusing the pages of Pinterest for some inspiration – Here’s what caught my eye:

Image Sources: Atrium-Balcony, LLH Designs, Design Sponge, Helt Enkelt

How do you utilize your small outdoor space?

What kind of planters do you use?



  1. I’ve heard that you can grow smaller varieties of tomatoes from bags/containers. Sadly it’s too dark here (we live in an almost-forest) to do that, but I bet in sunny Florida it’s totally doable.

    Also…maybe a mini citrus tree! I saw some in Martha Stewart Living and I fell in love.

  2. For veggies, plant by Feb. and then again in the fall. Most herbs and succulents will do well during the summer months. Aloe will flourish and you will have a go-to medicine kit for the inevitable sun burn. Air plants are great! Staghorn ferns! There are tons of hearty, pretty plants & flowers to choose from at the garden center. And the good news? even the annuals are perennials b/c is just doesn’t get that cold! Have fun, Sasha! So exciting!!! XO

  3. You’re going to have so much fun with your container garden! Here’s what I’d recommend:

    cilantro (you NEED throw handfuls into your guacamole, and toss bunches with lime juice on top of grilled veg… heaven)
    italian parsley
    chocolate mint (adds a whole new twist to choc chip cookies and chocolate cakes)

    tomato (bush, or determinate varieties will still need to be caged but are less space-consuming than vine, or indeterminates)
    corn (a friend of mine grew them on his manhattan balcony for privacy)
    cucumbers (see tomato clause)
    lettuce (roquette and frisee are my faves)
    *note: radishes and lettuce need very little root space, so these can be grown in flats. they can also be re-seeded so you have a constant supply.

    in addition to citrus…

    Anything with a bottom and sides can be used as a container, as long as it drains well. My grandfather used to use old shoes, haha!

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