Kickin’ up my heels today …

… because we’ve officially sealed the deal on an apartment in FL!

Now that it’s all said and done – I’m feeling a little bit like this:

The place is quiet, gorgeous, within budget, close to north campus and has more amenities than you can shake a stick at – Pool, communal grills, “yacht-viewing” deck, pretty water views, close to both biking trails (for Jim) and a running path (for me), central air (halleluja!), in-apartment washer/dryer AND a balcony!

I mean seriously, can someone pinch me please?

So yeaa, I’d say we had a pretty successful weekend.



  1. AMAZING! i swear having my own washer/dryer changed my life ;)

    (what the heck was i thinking?! i lived in a TRAILER for the first 3 years of grad school…. kudos for better life decisions)

  2. Having a washing machine is so, so nice. Nothing better than putting on a load of laundry and doing some studying NOT at the laundromat :)

    Also, that looks like a resort you’re moving to!

    • LOL Yeaa – This will be the first time I’ve had an in-home W/D after moving out – Looking forward to homework and getting crap done around the house while the clothes are going for a spin … Woo multitasking!

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