You’d think this would be the photographic equivalent to my plans for the weekend …

… but no.  Jim and I are hopping a plane due south in search of an apartment!

We don’t need fancy (we currently live comfortably sans dishwasher, central air and washer/dryer) – But a safe locale with available parking and close proximity to campus would be nice.

We’ll be gone today until Sunday, and I hope to return home with a signed lease in hand – Wish us luck!

P.S. I have a painfully cute post scheduled for tomorrow, so you’ll want to check back for that.



  1. Good luck, Sasha and Jim! Woo-hoo!

    Also? You might not need fancy. Or cute. You might not need a dishwasher. But you cannot survive in Florida without AC. (Well technically I suppose you can, but it would probably render you bitter, mumbling to yourself, and wearing a tinfoil hat.)

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