Our NYC Adventure

Yesterday was perfect!

Jim and I hopped a morning train to NYC and made our way to Les HallesAnthony Bourdain‘s old stomping ground.  We took a seat outside (perfect for people-watching) and placed our order.  As we were discussing how weird it is that the “Michelin” in “Michelin star” is the very same as the one used when referring to tires, I spot Carlos stepping out onto the sidewalk!  (Carlos replaced Tony as executive chef when he left – You get to see him in action during the Into the Fire episode.)  In an attempt at being discreet, I shushed Jim and told him – through clenched teeth – that Carlos was right behind him.  He not-so sneakily “glanced at something” over his shoulder and quickly turned back to me.  We burst into huge, silent smiles at our first celebrity sighting – Success!

Soon after, our calamari appetizer arrived (which we devoured) followed by our entrees – I ordered steak and frites and Jim had duck.  All dishes were perfectly cooked and (as Tony would say) “unctuous” – Yum.

Up next on our agenda was the Museum of Natural History!

We signed up for as many special exhibitions as we could (Brain, Frogs and Large Dinosaurs for those who are interested) and puttered around all afternoon.

Jim is a T-Rex.

I am a Triceratops.

After absorbing as much information about science, animals and artifacts as I could, we walked across the street to Central Park until dinnertime.

We enjoyed dinner at Kefi, a greek restaurant co-owned by Donatella Arpaia and Michael Psilakis (yup, both Food Network personalities – Jim and I have decided that we are, in fact, foodies).  Our entrees were very affordable and tasty enough, though nothing spectacular – But the desserts were to. die. for.  I seriously wanted to melt into Jim’s walnut cake and I savored every morsel of my chocolate mousse with sesame ice cream (o yes – amazing).

This mini-trip was a much-needed break from the stress of the move – A well-deserved treat.



  1. ahhhh! love kefi! but i dont really remember the food as much as the drinks i have had there served oddly enough by an irish bartender ;)

    looks like a great day!

  2. How was the Brains exhibit? I’m hoping to go visit a friend in med/grad school in NYC and we both love museums. I’m also hoping to check out the Alexander McQueen exhibit too.

    He’s also a foodie too – maybe I can convince him to go to Les Halles with me :)

    Your triceratops pose is so funny too. And tomorrow my dad gets his magnets for Father’s day, I’m very excited :)

    • Brains was pretty cool! They had some neat demos you could do – The frogs were by far my favorite (I could watch them hop around forever) If you guys are into museums, Natural History is definitely worth a trip. You’ll have to let me know if you end up going!

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