Goodies in the mail …

As you read this, Jim and I are probably in the city or en route!

I decided to take the day off so we could spend the day together in NYC – We plan on grabbing lunch at Les Halles (yes, Anthony Bourdain’s home base) then spending the afternoon wandering around the Museum of Natural History (so stoked).  I can’t remember the last time we took a day off to have a good time and just enjoy each other’s company … This is a much needed mini-getaway.

Anyway!  In my absence, I wanted to share photos of some recent packaging materials I purchased:

I was in dire need of twine so I bought a couple (hundred) yards – Loving the pale grey color.

I also treated myself to two rolls of washi tape!  Now, I usually secure each tissue-wrapped package with a home-stamped sticker, but I felt like shaking it up a bit with these little rolls of goodness.

I can honestly say wrapping each item for shipment is one of my favorite things about running my shop – I love knowing that that extra layer of paper adds a little intrigue when the recipient opens his or her package …

What are your feelings on packaging?  Do you have fun with it?  Or do you think it’s unnecessary?



  1. ohhhh. i heart packaging. i am such a sucker for presentation…i am the person who takes a million years to open a gift. imho, taking the time to wrap something with care shows that you are proud of what’s inside. it also tells the recipient that they are treasured.

    love the washi tape. i also use stickers (with my logo stamp) to affix my wrap. but i must have some washi in my life soon!

    have fun in the city with your honey. what a great getaway!

  2. Your packaging is delightful, in its newest incarnation and as I’ve seen it in the past.

    Fellow washi tape addict here. I hoard it. Am up to six rolls now , and can’t bring myself to use it on my packages. It’s a problem.

    Sounds like a lovely day! What can be better than Anthony Bourdain and the MONH?

  3. such pretty twine and tape! i think packaging is so important. a nicely packaged item just seems that much more expensive & classy. :) i enjoy it a lot too.

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