Geeky Storage

I spent a good portion of Sunday re-organizing my shop inventory.

This endeavor included pre-packaging smaller finished items (such as my microbe magnets) and neatly stowing them away in pipette tip containers.

Wait.  What the hell is a pipette tip container?  Well they look a lot like this:

Pipette tips are used in the lab for transporting small volumes of liquid from one place to another.  The refill racks of tips come in these nifty clear plastic containers (that are already clean and pre-sterilized).  Once you remove the racks, you are left with this seemingly useless bit of garbage.


Bring them home and put them to good use!  Since they are already sterile, they are perfect ready-to-use containers for storing finished items or supplies.  I can easily see what is inside (because they are clear), they stack nicely and (the best part) they’re free!

How do you store and organize your inventory?  Do you use any quirky methods or containers?



  1. hahahaha OMG i should totally steal more stuff from work! though i clearly find currently that the dining room table is the best place to store yarn and the beginnings of 15 necklaces….

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