Egg cases are pretty …

I remember coming across these funky little skate egg cases at the beach when I was a little girl.

They seem to appear threatening, sophistocated, mysterious and dainty – All at the same time.

Anne (from studio2b2) has turned this interesting piece of nature into a magnet so you can be intriqued by (or terrified of) it whenever you want.

As for our weekend – We plan on attacking our overcrowded storage closet/back room and starting the arduous task of packing for the move to Miami.  Fun, right?

I hope to also make some progress on sewing a large batch of Dopamine Heart Ornaments in an attempt to stock up early for the holiday rush – I know.  No one wants to start thinking about Christmas yet – But they were by far my best seller last year so I need to get my butt moving with boosting inventory before grad school sucks me in!

Have you started working on your holiday prep yet?

Have a joyous weekend – See you Monday!



  1. oh, what a neat idea. it is so supernatural looking & amazing. :)

    i haven’t yet started holiday prep just yet, but i have been thinking about it. sigh. hah.

  2. I have only seen skate egg cases in books or preserved in formaldehyde. There is something alien and beautiful about them. As for holiday prep, I have been slowly building my scarf inventory for my ETSY shop, the Holiday Craft Fair at work, and a local gallery in Seattle.

  3. Very pretty, with a dark edge.

    The only holiday prep I’ve begun is scoping out holiday craft fairs. Need to start thinking about which seasonal scents I’d like to apply to the soaps, lip balms, perfumes, and candles, and what kinds of sets (if any) they’ll appear in.

    I love your holiday snowflakes, and of course, Christmas Bird. :)

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