A bike, an owl and a treat for my readers …

What?  A treat!?  Yep.

But first:

Earlier this month, Adam Norwood approached his bike one morning only to find this hilariously adorable baby owl perched on the rear tire.  He said it was the best excuse he’s ever had to be late for work (and I would have to agree!).

Such a great shot – I had to share … On to the treats!

This weekend Jim and I will be travelling to DC to spend Memorial Day with friends.  And while we’re gone …

I’m offering a 20% discount at the What. No Mints? shop to my wonderful blog and Twitter followers!!  All you have to do is enter the coupon code BIKEOWL20 at checkout and *poof* you save yourself a little dough on some awesome handmade goodies – Click here to start shopping!

But keep in mind, this discount can only be used from May 27 to May 30.

Also, feel free to share this code with fellow Twitter, blog, Facebook and real-life friends – Spread the love!

See you Tuesday …


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