Hey there … stud.

I’m one of those people that picks a no-fuss pair of earrings and keeps the same set in for months (or years) on end.

Recently I’ve been itching for a new pair – I love my simple hoops, but I think it’s about time to change it up.

Here are my current favorites:

Every Day Chevron by truche – Raindrops by TheAngryWeather – Sunset Rocks by uppermetalclass

Do you have a piece of jewelry that you wear all the time, or change infrequently?



  1. I love your picks, Sasha!
    Me too, I usually pick one pair of earrings and use the same one for months :) Right now I’m using my lightning bolts studs :)
    But there’s a piece of jewelry I never left behind since I made it: my very first ring :) I made it like 5 years ago in my first jewelry/metalsmith course. I really like it :)

    Thanks for featuring me in your blog!

  2. nice picks, Sasha…the raindrops are my fave! as for me? the only thing that stays put is my wedding band…everything else is constantly changing…i heart the baubles!

  3. Love the sunset rock studs! As for me, I go through phases where I wear a certain few pieces of jewelry while I am obsessed with them! Such fun!

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