The Shad

This past weekend our town closed down its streets to celebrate ShadFest – A festival in honor of the shad (a type of local fish) and their migration upstream.

I found inspiration for my newest shop addition from the guest of honor:

I am very much in love with how these little guys turned out – The pop of color on their scales is fun and I think their overall look captures the sunny feel of ShadFest.

These fishies are a limited edition – I have only made four of them.

If you’re interested in seeing more – Click here!



  1. these are wonderful! i have been inspired to do some 3 dimensional sewing as well (which i actually will be posting in a bit on my blog), inspired by my environment. I love that your town has a festival in celebration of these fish!!! how wonderful!!! good luck with them, they are very special!

  2. Am catching up on my blog reading as I sit outside soaking up some vitamin D…

    I LOVE THE FELT SHADS! They’re so cute they rival the birds a bit. Hope you got to get down with some Shad Fest, I went a few years ago and had a blast.

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