So succulent …

Last week I mentioned that I was working on a less-than-agreeable embroidery design …

We started out on good terms – I was loving the deep jade outline of the plant.

Then I started shading each leaf with lighter stitches of green – I was not so happy with the outcome.

I nearly gave up on the design all together, but then decided to finish shading the leaves with white floss and …

Voila!  Adding that last bit of white just made everything else pop!  I am now smitten with this funky and slightly geometric take on a succulent embroidery.

This earthy hoop is now available in the shop.  Perfect for the upcoming Mother’s Day or as art in your own home if you are like me and aren’t blessed with a green thumb … Click here if you’re interested!

Have you ever experienced a tumultuous relationship with a project you were working on?  What happened?  I know I can’t be alone in this …



  1. wow, i really love this! way to turn it around. i have had a lot of things happen that way. i am reaaaally frugal about scrapping things, i hate wasting time and materials, so i will either try a new approach, add a new element or put it aside until something pops into my head to try to salvage the piece. the good thing about “mistakes” is that i find it tends to lend to a new style direction and usually one that i really like!

  2. I’ve just started looking into embroidery and I’m curious about something, when someone buys one of these hoop designs, do they hang them up on their wall with the hoop and all?

    That might sound like a strange question… I mean, I find them really pretty, but I was just wondering what people do with them..

    • Hey Olga – Most people will either hang the embroidery on the wall or prop it up on a shelf. I like to think of it as a unique type of modernized textile artwork that isn’t just for “grandma” anymore ;) Thanks for stopping by!

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