This week …

  • I colored my hair for the first time ever – My stylist has been dying to get color on my hair since I started going to his salon, so it was like watching a kid in a candy shop while he was scooting around, comparing and mixing colors.  I’m now a dark chocolate-y brown and I love it!  I feel like I stare at myself in the mirror twice as long now … so narcissistic …
  • the local geese have abandoned their nests and all that remains are broken eggshells … This means we get to see fuzzy baby geese soon!  They are adorable to watch as they putter around the canal.
  • I’ve been having a love/hate relationship with one of the embroideries I’m working on – Details about this next week.
  • we’ve started looking into and making phone calls regarding our big move – So much to do!

[ Egg Print by Julien Denoyer ]

Happy Earth Day and Happy Easter!



  1. Yay for new hair color! Your color suited you before, but I think it’s cool when you can enhance it. I’ve been doing something to mine color-wise since 9th grade… yeah, hooked!
    Wish I could give you some advice about moving to FL, but I’ve only ever gone on family trips there to Disney as a kid. Um, it’s hot, though!

  2. how exciting about your hair! are you gonna post a pic? i’ve been wanting to color mine for a long time now but i’m so bad at maintaining the roots so i never do it. but i will for my sister’s wedding i think :)

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