El nino bebe leche.

[Yes, I know the second “n” in “nino” is supposed to have a tilde over it … but I don’t know how to insert one using my keyboard.]

Yesterday our Rosetta Stone Spanish [Levels 1-5] arrived in the mail!  (We initially tried downloading it for free, but the program required a registration key to continue.  So, nearly $500 later, we have a compact little package from Amazon sitting on our front stoop …)

Hopefully soon we will learn more useful phrases besides “El nino bebe leche.” (“The boy drinks milk.”)

Since southern Florida is pretty much the equivalent of northern Cuba, Jim and I have decided to embrace the influence and get a head start on learning Spanish before making the official move to Miami.

I’m stoked about the prospect about potentially being fluent in a second language by the time I graduate from FIU and I think it will allow us to better absorb the culture there and meet new people.

Are you fluent in more than one language?  I’d like to hear about it!



  1. I’ve been attempting to learn Norwegian for almost a year now – it’s so hard because it has soooo many different vowel sounds, very odd. I know a bunch of animals and other nouns, but can’t yet actually string a proper sentence together yet! Good luck with learning Spanish!

    • O wow! Norwegian is a little different, yes :P You don’t realize how difficult it is sometimes to make the correct shapes with your mouth to produce the appropriate sounds (O man – There’s a “that’s what she said” joke in there somewhere …) – Good luck!!

  2. Fluent, no, but I know enough French and Spanish to get by if need be.

    I tried Norwegian a few years ago but gave up! Let me see, I remember velkommen, god jul, hallo.

    That’s welcome, Merry Christmas, hello. :)

  3. That’s the spirit!! You’re gonna be such good neighbors!!….Me, I’m fluent in English and Pig Latin, and can carry on a conversation…albeit very slowly…in Sign Language! ^_^ I also can mirror write…just saying!

  4. My husband and I bought the Rosetta Stone Spain Spanish and love it! My husband is a beginner (just some high school Spanish) and I studied abroad in Spain. He’s learning a lot and I’m able to do some review in addition to learning new things. Enjoy!

    I used to be semi-fluent in Spanish several years ago but since I haven’t had an opportunity to practice much, my fluency is fading. Make sure you keep up on your practicing!

    • It is amazing how fun learning a language can be! Jim and I will do a few lessons then recall phrases and whatnot for the rest of the night – It’s nice learning with someone else too!

  5. I grew up bilingual and as long as I keep up with it, French would become my third spoken and written language. I also took 3 courses of Spanish at university but alas, I already forgot some of it. It’s wonderful that you and Jim are learning Spanish in preparation for moving to Florida. That would make it more fun and easier, i bet.

    As for adding the tilde over the N…here’s a link that might be useful

    Lastly, once you get the hang of it, gradually make Spanish part of your everyday life. This sounds really geeky but I have my computer, phone, and other electronic devices set in French.

    • You say you grew up bilingual – Which languages?

      Great tip with changing your devices to the language you are trying to learn! An easy, but helpful thing to do :)

      PS – Thanks for the link!

  6. In wordpress under the “visual” layout of the post view, there is a small Greek symbol that opens up the symbol menu, where you can manually select accented characters and other symbols.

    To get the n-with-a-tilde into the header, I copy and paste either from Wikipedia or after inserting it into the main body section, and then cut and paste into the title. To ensure no weirdness in the actual URL, which doesn’t accept special characters, I manually edit out the accented character and replace it with the unaccented version.


    If none of that makes sense I can take a screenshot of how to do it and email it to you if you’d like (though I can totally understand why you might not want to bother, of course!).

  7. Hi,
    How are you getting on with the rosetta stone so far? I have just started the same set today and have been wondering how other people get on with it…. and happened across your blog.
    I’ve never learnt any spanish before so it’s all completely new, I’m finding it quite fun so far though :)

    • Hey Donna! We are absolutely loving it so far! It feels like you aren’t even learning, but Jim and I try and say phrases we know while we go about our day-to-day at home (ie. Tengo dos tazones! [I have two bowls!] when we are setting the table for dinner). It helps to keep things salient in our minds between lessons, which we can’t get to every day.

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