Hump Day Finds

This week my finds have a hidden theme – Can you guess what it is?

Where you can get ’em:

Have you figured it out yet?

Okay, okay I’ll tell you – All of these artists are located in sunny Florida … But why Florida?

I am excited to announce that Jim and I will be packing up our life and moving to Biscayne Bay this July!!  I’ll be spending the next 5 years studying environmental chemistry at FIU (and maybe chasing alligators out of our backyard).

It’s exciting and scary and fun all at the same time – I’m still trying to wrap my head around what needs to be done within the next 3 months (packing, apartment shopping, learning Spanish …) and trying not to get ahead of myself.

I seriously welcome any tips or advice you may have for us and I am happy to take you lovely readers along with me during this transition in our lives!



  1. Will miss having you close by as my craft show partner in crime, but am incredibly excited for you as you begin this new adventure! I’ll keep reading of course… will stalk you via blog! :) Good luck Sasha, you’re going to love grad school!!!

  2. WOW! How exciting!! I don’t envy you moving though. That’s not one of my favorite things to do! LOL But for a whole new experience I might be able to stomach it!…And Florida is a great place to experience a new thing!!! GREAT!!! Happy for you!

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