Hmm, pinteresting …

If you didn’t get the hint – I’m now on Pinterest!  Feel free to follow my pinning adventures here.

I seriously don’t know how I got along without this delightful interweb pinboard.  Previously, you would find me taking the time to save every interesting website I found to my messy bookmark folders – Only to forget why I even saved them in the first place!

With Pinterest, I can casually cruise the net at my leisure and simply “pin” photos from any site to my pinboard with two easy clicks.  What I also love, is that each pin links back to the original site you found it from so it makes citing a breeze …

Click here for more info!



  1. That barf bag is hilarious.

    Pinterest sounds like a great idea, maybe I’ll give it a try. I too have oddly-labeled bookmark folders; at least it’s not real clutter :)

    • It took a few days for them to “invite” me (I think it’s sort of silly that you have to wait for them to accept you …) – Once you’re in, they send you an e-mail and you can proceed with sign-up then.

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