Impulse Buy

I came across this vintage gem quite by accident in my “suggested shops” on Etsy a couple days ago and gasped.  Jim, sitting on the couch next to me, peeks over and simply says 2 words: Get it.

So what item made me click through the PayPal checkout faster than a speeding bullet?

:: cue angel choir ::

You might be wondering:  Jeez, Sash … I see these old crates all over the place – What’s the big deal?

A-Treat Bottling Company was founded in Allentown, PA in 1918 and it’s sodas are only available extremely locally.  I grew up outside of Allentown and when my family hosted BBQs and picnics, it was bottles and cans of A-Treat, not Coke or Pepsi products, that filled our beverage cooler.

Since Jim also grew up in the area (though we didn’t know each other at the time), A-Treat is a drink that is near and dear to both our hearts.  We are so happy to have brought this dilapidated old crate into our home – It will be well-loved.

Have you ever made an impulse buy because of a feeling of nostalgia?

[soda can image source]


  1. Absolutely! I love anything that reminds me of my childhood or my hometown(s). My BF and I go to a number of antique stores and markets and I usually end up with too much stuff. :)

    My last impulse buy was a “Brownie” guide book from the 50s – I was a Daisy and a Brownie when I was little. (Never did make it to actual girlscout though. Ha!)

  2. Of course! I recently bought a framed butterfly piece from because it had a vintage map of the country I am originally from. The butterfly was even born and raised by locals to help protect the remaining rainforests in my old country. How could I not but it?

  3. That is a seriously cool crate!

    Um…I just bought some more yarn because it’s made here in Michigan. Does it count as nostalgia if I haven’t left the state yet? :)

  4. That crate is brilliant, and I certainly know the boundless joy a cool A-Treat can bring.

    I haven’t pulled the trigger yet, but I’m looking for a Snoopy transistor radio to replace the one I had as a kid… am ashamed to admit that I sold it during my surly teenage years. I miss my dear Snoopy so!

  5. Ahhh, you bought it? Awesome!

    We have a super old-school A-Treat machine at the cave, so dinosaur it only takes quarters (and the sodas are still 50 cents each). We actually had the A-Treat “heiress” (if you can call her that) come in for a tour and she was quite pleased we still had the machine in the back.

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