Whatever happened to “out like a lamb” … ?

This morning I woke up to chilly rain and a layer of sleet on my car … Seriously, where is this “lamb” we were promised!?

:: sigh ::

Anyway, Jim and I had a splendid time in NY this weekend!  I miss staying out til 4 in the morning, being irresponsible … and weekends spent visiting with friends never seem long enough.

Once we got home we agreed that grocery shopping for the week could be pushed off a day and instead changed into comfy clothes, opened the pull-out couch and watched the original Ocean’s 11.

I can definitely say that I prefer the more recent one with George Clooney (despite the awesomeness of Sinatra’s fuzzy, orange sweater in the opening scenes …), but it was a good movie nonetheless and a great way to spend a lazy evening.

Before I head out for the day, you have to check out this blog I just discovered this afternoon:  Kootut Murut

Jutta writes about her house, DIY projects, home decor, her adorable dogs, etc and takes the loveliest photos – Today I am crushing on these pictures of a screen/clothing rack she fashioned from plumber’s pipe:

Plus, I was in need of a breath of springtime color on this dull and dreary day …



  1. It’s been snowing all day here…..*sigh*…It’s disheartening…and maddening! I’m mad!…Grrrr! Where is Spring anyway?! Somewhere next to a room heater, with a Parka on?! LOL

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