Mmm … Cupcakes

On Sunday, Jim and I were planning to drive down to Philly and walk around the Academy of Natural Sciences, but our efforts were thwarted by a St. Patrick’s Day parade that blocked every street we needed to get to … After a lot of huffing and puffing on my part (I wanted to see science, damn it!) we decided to spend the afternoon walking around Princeton University.

I work as a research assistant in one of the Princeton labs, but I hardly get time to deviate from the path between my lab and the parking garage – So it was nice to actually get out and see the place a little more.

We found a really sweet record store (one that rivals Rainbow, a used book/record/CD shop on the University of Delaware campus that is near and dear to our hearts) and tried fried pickles for the first time (you could just feel your arteries slamming shut as you ate them – So. Good.).

Also, we bought some tasty treats from House of Cupcakes!!

Does that name sound familiar?  Do you watch the Food Network?  They recently won their episode of Cupcake Wars!

Now, I am not a real fan of the show itself – But I always seem to leave it on because it gives some nice background noise while I’m making dinner.  One night, I heard them say “Princeton, NJ” and my head snapped up.  It was the people from the cupcake shop I drive past every day on the way to campus!  So weird.

So Jim and I decided to pop in for a cupcake … or 6 …

Me:  Red Velvet, Chocolate Coconut Snowball, Creme Brulee

Jim:  Pineapple-Filled, Chocolate Brownie, German Chocolate Cake

We’ve already eaten the Creme Brulee and Pineapple-Filled (both delicious!) – The cake part is so damn good.  There’s a little more icing than I normally like on a cupcake, but that’s a personal preference and their cream cheese icing is to-die-for so I didn’t really mind much.

Here’s the Chocolate Snowball:

Nom. Nom.

Can’t wait to try the rest!

HOC Image Source



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