Totally Handmade Outfit

Earlier this week, I put together this outfit for work … Later in the day I realized that is was nearly 100% handmade!  (My boots being the exception.)

Leggings by Lamixx – I swore to myself a few years ago that I would NEVER purchase a pair of black leggings.  Yeaa, well, obviously that changed!  I have come to realize that there is a time and a place for leggings and they look particularly swell under this dress.  They offer more coverage than a regular pair of tights would – Perfect for work!

Cowl Dress by Replicca – I have swooned many times over Rebecca’s work, and this dress is no exception!  It’s so flattering and comfy – Makes me look and feel good without trying too hard.

Pendant Necklace by Peeko Apparel – This was a Christmas gift from my sister.  Such a versatile piece, I wear it constantly.

Do you have a favorite handmade piece of clothing or accessory?



    • Hey Kaitlynne! They’re Frye’s Veronica style – I usually don’t splurge so much on one item but I really love them – Very comfy and can be dressed up or down :) Found them on Ebay for a pretty decent price!

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