A Window Nook

Check out this awesome little window nook I found while perusing the Rearranged Design blog!

I would love a sun-filled area like this to relax/read/be inspired/work.

Ahh yes, another excuse to peruse Etsy for new finds and favorites!  These picks would be perfect for your own home to capture the feel of this space:

You can find them here:



  1. Great blog entry! Just looking at the photo and the choices gives me a warm feeling. It’s freezing here in Seattle and Mother Nature can’t decide whether she wants to dust us with snow or not.

    I think I’ll linger here a bit…

  2. My wife is on Etsy….she makes some hair pieces and stuff. How does every woman know about Etsy? Did you get through to the “copyright infringement” dept. Of Barbes n Noble for using their word “nook”? :)

    • Must be an innate sense we all have – Like “feminine intuition” I suppose.

      And I didn’t even think about a clash with B&N about using the term “nook” – I’ll have to keep my ear to the ground in case they come running for me :)

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