Today I Love …

Goya Mango Nectar – My mom told me about this stuff a week or so ago and, let’s be honest, she had me at the word “mango”.  This drink has the full mango flavor without being too sweet.  It’s perfect.

Aerie Undies – Just got a new slew of them this weekend!  There’s something about fun, new underwear that just makes you feel good, no?

The Disappearing Spoon by Sam Kean – I’m pretty sure this book was written for me.  I have been listening to it on audiobook in my car during my work travels.  It discusses the love, betrayal, discovery, excitement and failure behind the periodic table of the elements.  Even if you hate chemistry, I promise you will find at least parts of this book interesting.  THIS is the kind of chemistry people should be learning about in classrooms (along with what they learn now of course).  Science is awesome, intriguing, exhilarating and fun – This book embodies all of it.

Geek Crafts Feature – My little microscope magnet was featured today over on Geek Crafts!  Hop over and check out their blog – They feature some seriously awesome nerdy finds.

What are you loving today?



  1. Great finds and new things to love here, Sasha!
    I’m not a stranger to mangoes though (having been born and raised in tropical country) and mango nectar is wonderful! As for new undies, I agree. Getting new underwear always feels good. As for the book, I’ll have to get this one myself since I have been reading quite a few historical or science-based novels lately.

    • Ooo yes – I highly suggest Disappearing Spoon – Being a fellow science-y person I think you would thoroughly enjoy it – You’ll never look at the elements the same way again! :)

  2. The mango nectar is already a favorite of mine too, but the science book?!….Well, you can’t take the sweet out of everything, can you?!…For you I mean. For me….science?….Not so much sweetness. :-) So, back to the mango nectar……

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