New House

No, not mine (I wish) – My mom and stepdad got a new place down in Rehoboth Beach back in November and this weekend Jim and I FINALLY found the time to make a trip down to visit.

The place is stunning.  I mean I seriously woke up and felt like I had accidentally fallen asleep in a stranger’s home.  The view of the bay is beautiful and it has a removed, quiet feel to it – You just can’t help but melt and relax.

We spent most of the time lazing about, enjoying my mom’s insistent need to make sure everyone is constantly well-fed.  We also went to the beach and perused the outlets during the day.  I can’t wait for the warm weather to roll in so I can spend some time in the sun.

Jim and I are horrible chess players, which makes it fun (I won this game!)

My mom's beagle Watson hates having his picture taken ...

... he always tries to get away.



  1. Ooooo! The porch looks like the perfect place to be come rain, day, sunshine or nightfall. So peaceful with that view!!…And on another note, congrats on your chess win!! :-)

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