Doggy Dreams

I’ve been having an inordinate number of dog-related dreams recently.

This is probably because I have wanted a dog since the day I moved out of my parents house (my Mom has a Beagle and my Dad has a Chesapeake Bay Retriever).  Dogs are goofy and strange and fun all wrapped into one package!

Anyway, I can’t wait to move somewhere that has a yard so I can get a pup of my very own and have a buddy to run with and a permanent vacuum to clean up the floor after me in the kitchen.

For whatever reason, I have an affinity for giant dogs – No, not retriever-sized dogs, I mean dogs the size of a small car.  The Great Dane and the Irish Wolfhound are two of my favorites:


Would you enter with that thing staring at you? Didn't think so.

And if I had to pick some of my favorite pint-sized dogs, I would have to choose the quirky Pug and the eternally-happy Corgi:


Photo Sources: great dane, irish wolfhound, pug, corgi

What kind of dog do you have?



  1. Hmmm,
    You sound like a loving person who would love one of my breed. I’m a golden retriever. The human I own has a big yard, but I prefer to stay inside 95% of the time. I see that he gets out and gets plenty of exercise when I get mine. But really, I’m a 80 pound lap dog at heart. Try one of us, you’ll like us. No, you’ll love us.

  2. WOW! When you say you want a dog, you really mean a D-O-G!!! LOL…Over the years we’ve had different kinds of dogs, but my favorite ones have always been the mutts! :-)

    • Haha yeaa – When it comes down to it, I know we will end up adopting from a shelter – My Mom’s beagle was abandoned and we gave him a home, I would want to do the same and give a happy home to a deserving pup!

  3. I didn’t realize I wanted a dog till my husband talked me into getting a Kerry Blue Terrier. She is a vacuum, mess maker, entertainer all in one. Big giant dogs do seem very calm and wise, don’t they?

    • Ooo “vacuum” – Excellent quality in a dog :) My dad’s dog will literally eat anything – So he makes a great sweeper too! And yes, big dogs just have a majestic air to them …

  4. omg i would LOVE to have a yard! cyrus hasn’t had a yard ever so i dont even think he’d know what to do. he’s probably look at us like, ‘so are you going to take me for a walk yet?’ lol. but i want to get a 2nd dog whenever we move and have a yard :)

  5. Have you seen Easy A? Such a funny film (just watched it this weekend through Netflix), and now I know what kind of dog it was in the movie: Irish Wolfhound! The dog was a total scene-stealer.

    Also, I think you should totally make a dream-and-dog-inspired etsy treasury :)

    • ::Gasp:: Really!? I will have to add that to my queue (I always thought it looked humorous). And a Dream/Doggy T sounds like a great idea! I’ll have to add it to my list of T’s to make :)

  6. Love your blog! I’m a new fan now. I have a Dane, her name is Moe. She’s friggin amazing. And I have Dexter an isabella dapple doxie. He’s a bit of a terror but I love him.

    If you ever get a Dane you will never regret it!

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