Little Batch Love

This weekend I received a few goodies in the mail!  I ordered some more neodymium magnets and embroidery hoops for the shop so I was stoked to receive those, but I also took advantage of the sale section in Little Batch Botanicals’ shop on Etsy!

Jim (who has sensitive skin when it comes to bath products) and I just LOVE Jen’s selection of soaps, lip balms, etc.  They smell good, they are of excellent quality and you just can’t help but feel special when you use them.

We bought a selection of soaps and I needed some hand cream so I purchased hers in Coconut – Amazing!!

I met Jen during my first craft show back in September – She is just a wonderful, fun and talented person – You can check out her delicious bath products here!



  1. Aw Sasha, I think you’re my biggest fan! Besides my mom, of course…. who just may be one of YOUR biggest fans (besides me)! Ah, the circle of crafty love.

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