I Hate Crunches.

With a passion.

I pretty much dislike all forms of abdominal exercises now that I think about it.  The thought of laying there on the ground doing little crunches, getting all huffy with no benefit does not appeal to me in any way.

The good news?  I found a set of seriously awesome exercises from a couple years ago on Runner’s World (no crunches involved)!

I tried these for a while last year and could honestly feel a difference in my running.  I felt like I was tighter and moved more efficiently.  It’s kind of a hard sensation to explain, but I could absolutely tell that these exercises were having a positive effect.  Click here to read about them!

I actually just did them for the first time in a long while last night (I forgot how tough they were!) and as I sit here typing, I can feel a little muscle soreness enveloping my ab and lower back area.  This is good because it means I know I am working my muscles (something I don’t feel with regular crunches or sit ups).

I know, it’s kind of random to throw a post about ab exercises in amongst all the handmade goodness from this week, but this post has 2 purposes:

  1. To share with you a few different exercises that you can try out if you’re interested.
  2. To encourage me to do these exercises a couple times per week and hopefully keep me on track as I train for the St. Lukes Half Marathon (May 1st!).

Part of this blog is about personal experiences right?  So this works!

Crossing the finish at last year's St. Luke's HM - I'm the one smack in the middle in the shorts and white tee over a black long-sleeved top!

Do you have any favorite exercises you would like to share?  I’m always willing to try something new!


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