Winter Reading List

I love to read and at any one time I am usually in the middle of at least 3 different books (audiobook when I run, audiobook in the car, book on the bedside table and sometimes a book to read during lunch at work).

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I know, winter has long since started … But I wanted to share with you three books I aim to finish reading before spring hits:

1. The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest by Stieg Larsson – I am nearly finished with the second book in this series and it is just as gripping as the first.  The main, female character in these books is seriously the most kick ass fictional person I have ever read about.  If you haven’t been seduced by this series yet, you are really missing out – You can find the first book here.

2. In Defense Of Food by Michael Pollan – I have already read, and loved, The Omnivore’s Dilemma.  Pollan has a way of bringing his opinions on how to eat consciously to his audience in a fresh and practical way.  He doesn’t impose his views on you or hate on meat-lovers (like myself) – He just brings you the facts and gets your mind thinking about things you may have never considered before.


3. Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain – You may know “A.B.” (as Jim and I affectionately call him) from his TV series “No Reservations” where he travels the world and eats local, cultural and sometimes strange food in various cities, states and countries.  We are slowly making our way through the series via our Netflix instant queue.  This is actually the book that made him famous and kicked off his TV stardom – Jim got it for me for Christmas and I am anxious to see what all the hype is about!

What books do you have lined up to read this winter?  Any suggestions??



  1. I recently read “The Help”. Such a good book. But I don’t have any books on my reading list right now. I’m trying to catch up on my magazine reading.{Watchtower and Awake issues, and my Country Living magazine} I always have something to read! ^_^

  2. My parents loved the Bourdain book – unfortunately they keep letting friends borrow it so I never get a chance to read it. I did skim through his second book at the bookstore a few weeks ago and it looks quite good too.

    Right now I’m kind of on a cookbook kick. It’s, well, a quite large stack of them. Haha :)

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