What I’ve Been Upto …

I am so excited to announce a BRAND NEW line of items in my shop:  Embroidery Hoop Wall Art!!

So far, I have only sewn 2 and I am totally in love with how they both came out!

Both are already listed in the shop (I couldn’t wait, I listed them right after I took pictures, hehe).

And now for a new update on an old favorite:  Amoeba and Paramecium Magnets!!

Okay, okay – So at first glance I know they don’t look any different – But the secret is on the inside … I have upgraded to SUPER STRONG neodymium magnets! These suckers are ridiculously powerful – When I opened the mailbox, the package they were shipped in was stuck to the metal door!  I tested them out and they hold 3 – 4 thick business cards or 5 – 6 pieces of paper with ease.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the magnets I was previously using, they work just fine – But I wanted a little more sticking power and boy do these do the trick!

I have added a few of the new neodymium magnet versions of my microbes to the shop already – You can find them here. I will be adding a lot more over the upcoming days when I get a chance to list them.

I’ve also spent the past couple months conversing and collaborating with a representative of a certain charity, details will be coming later, but I can give you a hint:  It has to do with this item!



    • Thanks Amy! They are really fun to make too (though I kind of feel like an old lady sitting on the couch sewing with an embroidery hoop :P) – I have been brainstorming ideas for a while and I can’t wait to find the time to put them into action!

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