Stressed …

I have been running around like a crazy person trying to clean up the mess that one of my references made with my grad school letters of recommendation.

My reference agreed months ago that he would happily submit recommendations for me.  As weeks have passed, I’ve sent him numerous updates, called his office, left messages, spoke to him directly and all I get is a “Yep, I’ll get them done soon.”  Well, 2 deadlines have passed already and I have yet to see any action on his part.  I am disappointed in myself for not preparing for this ahead of time and I am pissed off that someone else is now potentially dicking around with my future.

Not cool.

Fortunately, I have developed good relationships with a handful of other professors at Delaware and one of them (who I worked as a teaching assistant for a few years back) is willing to help me out and act as an alternate reference.  Now I have to scuttle around the internet figuring out how I can get a 4th reference in for each school.  Thank goodness all of the admissions ladies are being incredibly kind and helpful when listening to my panicked questions.

I thought I would have been done with apps by now – Relaxing with my feet up and just waiting for the results to come in … But nope!  Life is never easy.

:: Sigh ::

I have been venting to whoever will listen (so I suppose you readers are no exception!) and actually writing this has calmed me down some – So yay!

As a token of my appreciation for lending an ear – I offer this little gem:

A picture of me.  Sporting a snowsuit onesie.  [Taken in 2008]

Please enjoy.



  1. I agree, life is never easy but the kindness of others (like those admission ladies) makes getting through difficulties worthwhile. It’s good to know that actually writing this post helped you calm down a little bit.

    It’s nice to see a smiling face in that photo. Hang in there!

  2. i feel your pain. asking for letters of rec just sucked because the professors wouldn’t really remember me from the huge lecture classes. i didn’t like having to depend on someone that much where they have the upper hand so to speak. grrr

  3. Hi, Sasha. I am sorry to hear about the recommendations. They are always so stressful. It’s funny though, my hubby is going to be in Delaware next week in the department of Chemistry… interviewing, over his birthday. There is a certain flexibility I think with recommendations from the receiving school, they understand that people writing them are usually super busy. Please don’t worry. I really like your way of destressing – making beautiful treasuries on etsy.

    • Thanks for the words of encouragement Elena :) Now that I have a back-up I am feeling much better (still no word from my original reference though …) – I have called most of the schools and they do have a period of time after the deadline that they wait for supporting documents, which is also a good thing.

      Good luck to your husband with his interview! I absolutely love UD and learned so much going through the chem program there. You will absolutely have to keep me posted if he eventually ends up taking a job there!

    • LOL Thanks Angela – My friends and I were going up to the ski slopes and I needed snow apparel – My one friend brought this onesie (it was his Mom’s) for me to try … I seriously considered wearing it …

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