Celebrate: A Winter Project Magazine

Bonnie, over at Going Home To Roost, has finally revealed

Celebrate is an electronic magazine chock full of awesome DIY tutorials, recipes, downloadable goodies, a printable 2011 calendar and more!

You know what the best part is?  It’s all FREE!!

That’s right, friends – You get to enjoy the bounty of crafty and homemade goodness described on the pages of this ‘zine at absolutely no cost to you!

Here’s a little sneak peek:

Hmm … wait a minute.  I think I’ve seen that Microscope Magnet somewhere before … Ooo that’s right – I made it!!

Bonnie was sweet enough to include my little hand-sewn, felt magnet in her frosty blue gift guide and I am beyond excited about it – I had no idea I was being featured – So while I was perusing the pages, making mental notes of things to come back to, and came across one of my very own items, my jaw dropped!

Take a moment to hop on over to Going Home To Roost and leaf through Celebrate.

Prepare to be inspired!



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