Hump Day Finds

… with an unexpected familiar moose sighting!

But first, some Etsy goodness for your enjoyment:

Where you can get ’em:

  • Hand-Knitted Baby Blanket by Strikk – The warm, coral color on this blanket is so wonderful and adds a shot of color to your space!
  • Mean Parking Note Cards by Creativity – I laughed when I saw these and could totally sympathize (empathize? I can never remember which one …) – Since we live in town, we have to park on the street.  Not usually a big deal until some out-of-towner somehow positions themselves taking up 3 spaces and I have to walk 4 blocks with 8 bags of groceries just to get to my own apartment!!  Ugh.  Yea – Sometimes I feel like I need these.

Okay, so what about the unexpected moose? Well, if you take another look at Strikk’s baby blanket photo, you will see a little plush moose there as a prop adding some additional cuteness:

While checking out this listing I thought “Hey, I know that moose!” – My Dad and Stepmom gave me the very same moose for my birthday last month!!

So cute, right? (Yes, sometimes I behave like a 5 year old girl.)

I love it when stuff like that happens (and awesome choice of props Strikk!).


One comment

  1. ohmygosh! i know that moose…..brilliant! and how bizarre.
    thank you so much for featuring my blanket in your blog.
    extra special that we are the owners of the same moose!

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