Using Props in Etsy Photos

During this past round of shooting new items for the shop, I decided to integrate some props to help customers get a better idea of how big my Pet Rocks are:

The air plants add some playfulness and intrigue to each photo and the scotch tape functions to give you an approximation of size.  I also incorporated some embroidery hoops into some of my geeky item shots:

Here are some other Etsians who do an awesome job staging their items by adding a few props to the mix!


What props do you use in your photos?



  1. Awwwwww….how cute! I love your composition with the airplants and embroidery hoops. Also, you’re lucky to have enough natural light. That red pet rock is begging to be adopted:)

  2. Great samples! I love the airplants with the pet rocks. The composition of the one with the red pet rock looks great.
    And, thanks for featuring my dino. =) I know that once I started using props the photography became even more fun for me.

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