Holiday Gift Wrap Inspiration

In past holiday seasons, I never really thought about how I was going to package my gifts for friends and family – However, I am so inspired by the beautifully-packaged goodies I have been receiving in the mail from fellow Etsians, I’m considering putting a little extra effort into my wrapping this year!

Here are a few packages to jump-start your gift wrap creativity:

Photo Sources:

Have you given thought to how you will be wrapping your gifts this year?



  1. I haven’t even finished making my gifts yet. Uh oh…

    I love the stamp-on-lunchbag one a lot though. Or brown paper tied with fancy ribbons or twine. It reminds me of wrapping my textbooks for school, but before the schoolwork part kinda ruins it!

  2. i think wrapping is my favorite part of any etsy sale, it’s an extra special way of saying that you.

    i miss how stores when i was a kid would wrap your purchases in nice tissue and brown paper (like in the olden’ days). that was when they treated you with respect, not like now when you’re just another annoyance to them.

  3. Beautiful and ecofriendly choices you have here! Wrapping and packaging is also my favorite part. It is an expression of who your creativity and a wonderful invitation to the recipient of the item that says “open me, there’s something special inside!”

  4. Kristina: LOL about the wrapping books – Is it sad that I actually looked forward to covering mine in brown paper way back when? I liked to make it look perfect and taught – And when everyone else was doodling on theirs, I preferred to keep mine clean … I’m kind of a dweeb that way :P

    Christine & Karla: I totally agree with the idea of expressing yourself and adding that little extra touch! After ordering a ton of Etsy stuff for gifts I realized that I really looked forward to what each package would look like even before I saw the item itself!

    Elena: Buttons are always a must have – I totally agree :)

    Amy: Thanks! Every other Christmas I would use some kind of printed wrapping paper bought from the store, this year I am putting my groceries in paper bags and then reusing those bags as wrapping paper – Free, recycled and easy! Can’t go wrong with that!

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