Hump Day Finds

That’s right … Four, count ’em, FOUR finds this week!  I have been adding things to my favorites like crazy because I keep seeing items I want for myself while Christmas shopping for others (oops!). Not sure if I want to start doing the collage thing for my Finds too … We shall see.

Enjoy the handmade loveliness!

Where you can get ’em:

  • Rain Cloud Brooch by Christina Dewey – Her shop is super-friggin’-cute!  I love the simplicity and delicate craftsmanship that clearly goes into creating each of her accessories.
  • Organic Cotton Scarf by Jenna Rose – Such a bright and fun color and I am loving the little pine cones on it.
  • Origami Moose Journal by Juky and Beatrix – There’s a moose involved … Need I say more?
  • Fresh Otter Embroidery by Kngo – Some fun, animal embroidery in this shop! Otters are also one of my favorites so I had to include this little guy.

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