Running in Winter: A Love-Hate Relationship

A couple of weeks ago I switched around my running routine.  I typically run in the evenings, after work – But once winter arrives and we lose many of our daylight hours, I set my alarm too early and wake up before the sun.

Yesterday morning I decided to bring my camera with me.

As much as I absolutely despise the grating sound of my alarm blaring at 5:30am, there is definitely something special about running before most people in my town are even thinking about waking up. It’s sleepy and silent outside and I am hidden by the darkness (okay, I wear a headlamp so I don’t trip over an unexpected rock and sprain an ankle on the tow path, but you know what I mean).

I like to watch the colors of the sky change and warm as the sun rises.

When I run this early in the morning, I am pretty sure I’m not fully awake – Oftentimes I reach the end of my run and wonder where the time went and how I am already done.

I walk home and watch the rest of my town come to life as I get ready to start my day.



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