Pleasure Molecule Ornaments

Here I thought I was going to be able to ride out the holiday rush on all the stock I built up a few months ago for the craft shows I did in September and October … Boy was I wrong …

The Christmas shoppers are certainly out in full swing on Etsy!

My Pleasure Molecule (Dopamine) Heart Ornaments have been a very popular buy – I had to make more!  So I was crafting away last week – Check out the colorful fruits of my labor:

You can find these Heart Ornaments here in my shop!



  1. They’re very cute!! And congrats on all your sales! I sold a bit this weekend too for a change. I guess we better keep working so we can take advantage of the upturn! Who knows how long it will last! :-))

  2. Debbie: Thanks! I know I am just enjoying the fact that all my hard work is finally paying off :)

    Christine: I saw! Thank you :) I like arranging them and looking at all of the hearts together – So fun and vibrant!

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