A Crafty Holiday!

As I mentioned in the beginning of the month, Angela from The Artists’ House is hosting a month-and-a-half-long event where fellow bloggers talk about why they are planning to buy handmade this holiday season – For the full list of participants click here!

Weeks before Angela announced this event, I had already made a pact with myself to buy handmade or homemade gifts for my friends and family this year so I knew I had to be a part of it!

[A Crafty Christmas by The Artists’ House]

So why “handmade” anyway?  What’s the big deal?

Every day, we are inundated by a variety of products mass-produced by giant corporations.  When buying from these companies, we lose that sense of personal connection with what we buy. When I open a handmade package, I know that I am directly supporting an individual or a small group of individuals and their specialized craft.  That personal connection is why I am choosing to buy handmade this season.  When I give my gifts to friends and family, I can tell them a little story about each item – How it was made, who the crafter is, where it came from, why it is special. Can you do that when you give someone a gift from Abercrombie and Fitch?

I am also buying handmade this season for the simple reason that I hate driving around for hours just trying to find a parking spot at the stores!  You will never find me out on Black Friday … Nope!  I prefer the comfort of my butt on the couch and my computer on my lap lazily perusing the pages of Etsy in search of that perfect gift – The price of shipping is so worth the avoidance of mall mayhem.

Without further ado – Here are some handmade goodies I that will be buying for others this year!

Gifts For Family:

Gift Suggestions for Me (hint, hint):

  • Periodic Table Wood Blocks by FrogFruit Studio – I would love to have some unexpected, geeky home decoration.
  • Cardboard Moose Trophy by Cardboard Safari – As I’ve said, I think moose are one of the cutest animals ever and I am totally diggin’ this cardboard version.
  • Hand Knitted Socks by RG Socks- I keep hearing amazing things about hand knitted socks, so I am dying to try a pair!
  • Horchata Candy by Vintage Confections – I love horchata … Naturally I need to try these.

I can’t wait for Christmas!  Thanks for reading and please “hop” along with us for the next couple weeks and read blog posts filled with handmade love and gifts – Cat from RoseWoolls Designs is up tomorrow!

P.S. Today is also my birthday – I’m 23!



  1. Happy Birthday, Sasha!!! Thank you for the mention. :)
    I hope you get all the cool gifts you’ve hinted at.
    As you very well know, I’m giving handmade gifts this year as well. Great blog piece!

  2. Happy Birthday Sasha! Maybe this can be your holiday wish list and your birthday wish list –hint, hint to anyone out there who might need one ;)

    What a fabulous list, I’m loving so many of your items I don’t know where to start. The moose and the horse are my favorite I think. Oh, and I love that painted mug and the geeky periodic table wood blocks –I would love these in my daughter’s room.

    Thanks again, for this great list. Have a wonderful birthday.

  3. Happy Birthday:)
    Love your thoughts on handmade and being able to tell a story. My gifts for my nieces and nephews I have ordered have started to arrive and it is SO exciting.
    LOVE the cardboard trophy:)
    Hope you get all you wish for and more.

  4. Wow Sasha! What a great and pretty post to follow! That moose has been a favorite of mine for a while too!

    Happy Birthday, hope you’re having the best You Day ever!

  5. Happy birthday Sasha! What a neat coincidence that is! I *love* the point you made in your blog post about how buying handmade is easier. I didn’t really get that until this year. Now, I am like, uh, I know there are a lot of really good reasons to buy handmade, but do people know how much *easier* it is? :) We should stop keeping that a secret!


  6. Happy Birthday Sasha!

    I have to agree with you that handmade is the way to go! And this list is fantastic…I will be putting all of these on my list!

    Thank you for this list and for mentioning me in this. A Happy Birthday to you and a warm holiday to you and your family.

  7. Sasha,

    Thanks so much for including our Original Chalkboard Horse in your blog. I agree it is so much better to receive (or give) a handmade gift. I know it can be hard to find the perfect handmade gift, but with sites like Etsy, people have more options!

    Happy Birthday to you as well!


  8. Happy Birthday to you, Sasha! Thank you so much for the feature. I love your finds, and I see a few that will go on my list as well. :-)

    Enjoy your day!

    Thanks again!

  9. Happy Birthday!!

    I’m so with you on the personal connection that handmade gives. You just can’t find it in a big box store – they don’t care about the people buying, they just care about money.

    Excellent picks!

  10. Hello Sasha,

    Great piece and wonderful selections! I myself have been thinking about branching out and giving handmade gifts (from ETSY) to my work-friends. There’s more soul to handmade gift-giving and not to mention the innate uniqueness of a handmade item. Personally, I have noticed myself getting a little bored of the so-so stuff in the stores.

    Anyway, have a great 23rd birthday–you’re a spring chicken!

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  12. Happy Birthday Sasha! Wonderful list and so well said! I would much rather shop from home on my couch too :) I love the idea of sharing with the gift receipt who made it, how and whatnot. i think that is a great addition to a holiday card when giving a hand made gift.

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