More Microbes!

I am so happy to have my camera back (well … so happy to have found it right under my nose).  This weekend I had a photo shoot with some of my newest amoebas and parameciums:

These eco-friendly microbes would totally be the perfect gag gift or make a fun little stocking stuffer for that science nerd you know – I have them in magnet, brooch and keychain forms!

They will be making appearances in the shop throughout the week.



  1. Wow, who knew microbes could be cute and lovable? I love your felt versions of these guys. They sort of remind me of the plushy microbes I’ve seen before (i love the fuzzy beer yeast plushy…). By the way, glad to know that your camera turned up–been there, done that.

    • Thanks Christine :)

      They really are my favorite item to make – And I fall in love with each one! I enjoy packaging them up and sending them on their merry way when someone places an order :P

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