Ugh …

I had some awesome posts planned for this week about sweet vintage items I picked up this past weekend and about some fun, new microbes I’ll be adding to the shop soon but I lost my camera!! (Well, it’s actually Jim’s camera … Which makes me feel about 10x more guilty.)

[Oy Vey Ring by Kablam Industries]

So I’m currently using my Mom’s camera, which is nice, but she doesn’t know what the hook-up to the computer looks like or where to find it – So I’m still stuck with no way of uploading new shots …


Perhaps I should try talking to that saint who helps you find lost things – St. Francis?  Or is he the one who takes care of your pets …

Found the camera … in my bag … it was there the whole damn time.




  1. lol love the ring !!

    It’s St Anthony! Mind you, he may be a little busy finding my specs, keys, socks, lost mojo, etc.

    … hope your camera blues are resolved soon …

  2. Oh, no – sorry to hear that… Camera is a constant companion of mine, though I lost the connector cable too during the move. Now I just pop out the card – how ancient is that? :)

  3. I guess one benefit of reading blogs before bed is that I get the full emotional experience all at once: sadness, anxiety, hope, and then finally elation!

    Glad to hear you found the camera safe and sound :)

    • Haha – Yeaa – I was rooting around my purse at work for a tea bag, unzipped one of the back compartments and behold! There it was …

      O well, I’m just happy to have it back :)

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