The Geek & The Nerd

So I came across this picture while “window shopping” on Etsy this week and it totally reminded me of Jim and myself!

[Signs by Oh Dier]

Then it got me thinking – Between the two of us, he is totally the geek and I am absolutely the nerd!

According to wikiHow (paraphrased):

A nerd could be viewed as someone with an extremely intense interest or fascination in an academic field of study and many tend towards being introverted.  They often have gained a strong and diverse skill set from their studies and experiences and have interests that may also cover a broad range.

A geek could be viewed as someone with an interest or lifestyle having to do with niche activities, especially fandom and technology.  It is not uncommon for a geek to be capable of reciting large amounts of knowledge that is unintuitive, intriguing and (at times) long-winded. Geeks can vary in their interests, from fun and frivolous to intricate and technological.

[Nerd Glasses Gadget Cozy by What. No Mints?]

Now that we know what the difference is between the two, lets do a little analysis:

Sasha: Nerd

  • Has an intense love of chemistry (and of pretty much all things science).
  • Is a self-proclaimed homebody.
  • Interests range from the incredibly intellectual to the abstract and creative.

Jim: Geek

  • Can recite the lines of Star Wars Episodes IV-VI pretty much by heart.
  • Uses the Linux operating system (I do too, but Jim actually knows what he’s doing …).
  • Is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to random tidbits of information, both informative and useless.

Funny, right?

Who is the geek or nerd in your life?



  1. Probably, me – nerd, him – geek :) He is the chemist though and can recite name of tiny french wineries till nobody’s listening. I am a curious hermit. Love the picture though.

  2. Me-nerd, Him- geek. I am the total bookworm, library loving, design loving, homebody (yes, me too) and he is the computer, video games, pretty much anything technological, geek. I love when he explains computer terms to me, because I have no idea what they are haha.

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