We’ve Tolerated Each Other For 5 Years Now …

I usually don’t like to talk about relationships and romance and all that stuff, but in honor of Jim and I successfully putting up with one another for 5 years (I’m kidding – We really do enjoy each other’s company!), I’m going to let you in on a few “typical couple things” that we simply don’t do:

Hold Hands

It’s not that I don’t want to be close, I just find the whole act of holding hands extremely awkward.  While walking around I want to be free to use both of my upper extremities. [Photo Source]

Give Gifts

We both believe that you should give a gift because it truly makes you think of the other person, not because you “have to” when a birthday or an anniversary rolls around.  Plus, an unexpected gift for no reason, or just because they love you and thought about you, is always better than the one you know is coming.  [Photo Source]

Get Married Soon

We both know it’s going to happen someday – We’ve chatted about it, joked about it.  But right now we just don’t have the time and money for a wedding.  I don’t need a little ring on my finger to let the world know that I am committed. We both know that the other isn’t going anywhere so we can just be confident in our relationship.  Also, getting married really wouldn’t change how we live our life or make us feel any different – We already live together, I don’t plan on having kids for quite a bit of time anyway – So what’s the rush? [Photo Source]

And I am in no way knocking others who do any or all of the above, you should do what works for you in your relationship. Perhaps you read this believing that I am young and naive and that 5 years is a measly amount of time, and maybe it is – But I wanted to share with you the idea that you don’t have to follow the expected relationship template to be perfectly happy with the one you’re with.

And now …

Congratulations Sue!  Winner of the Apple Garland Giveaway!

I asked Jim to pick a random number and it matched up with Sue’s comment – Congrats and please enjoy the garland!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated, spread the word and visited my shop!


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