A Crafty Holiday Blog Hop Event

Some of you may have noticed the little button at the bottom of my blog advertising “A Crafty Holiday 2010” – But you may not know what it’s all about.  Angela from The Artist’s House is running a blog hop event where various bloggers will be posting about why they are choosing to give handmade this holiday season and telling us what crafty items they are planning to buy for others (and for themselves!) – For more info, visit Angela’s blog!

Images of handmade goodies from those participating in the blog hop:

This event actually started yesterday and will be running until mid December – For the complete list of participants and links, please click here!

You know who is taking part in this handmade holiday bonanza?  Me!

My post is scheduled for November 23rd (which also happens to be my birthday!), don’t worry, I’ll remind you to tune in as the time gets closer!

I know I will be checking out each one of these blogs as their posts are put up (I love seeing what kind of gifts everyone gets during the holiday season), and you can too – Who knows, maybe you’ll get some gift ideas for your friends and loved ones as you read!



  1. Great post! I can’t wait to see everyone’s list. My list is going to grow, and grow, everyday. I just know it. Awesome! I’m off to a la mode to see if her list is up yet. Happy day to you!

  2. Thanks for including my Peace print in your post! I was just going to write my own post about the blog hop event today – wooo hooo! I am so excited to read the upcoming blog posts! Today is Linda’s at a la mode – http://www.alamodestuffblog.com/ – I’m going there to read right now!

    Peace, love, and handmade! :)

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