A New, Crafty Blog To Peruse!

Char, from Delight Crochet, Delight Design and Delight Design Biz (I know – 3 Etsy shops!), has started a brand new, beautifully-designed site: BlogCrafts.com

This excerpt from her About page pretty much sums up why she started this blog:

Because I now have three active shops on Etsy, I’m constantly online – and when I’m not listing items, I’m surfing, browsing, oogling shops, dreaming, wishing, heart-ing items. It only seemed right that I should share a bit of what I’ve found.

Blog Crafts will feature and promote many aspects of Etsy (from specific shops to curated Treasuries) and you can join in on the fun too! If you would like to submit your shop to be added to her Etsy Mini page, simply e-mail her at char[at]blogcrafts.com (check out the Etsy Mini info page for submission instructions first!).

My Mini has already been added to the collage of Etsy sellers!

Pretty cool, huh?

Char was also sweet enough to give a nod to my Etsy shop in one of her recent posts – You can read it here!

I have already added Blog Crafts to my regular reading list and will definitely be perusing it often for more Etsy goodness!


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