Goodies in the Mail!

Last week, while we were in Florida, I got a whole bunch of packages in the mail!

I needed more tissue paper to wrap my felt goodies (and I figured I could also use some to prepare for holiday gift wrapping) so I purchased some recycled, kraft tissue paper by Green Earth Supplies!  I’m still trying to hone in on my brand “look” and I really like how my bright-colored items stand out against a neutral background, so white or kraft colors work well.

I also needed more envelopes to ship orders and, after receiving my free sample in the mail, I ordered a bunch of mid-sized mailers from EcoEnclose. Their packaging is 100% compostable, biodegradable, recyclable, reusable (each mailer contains 2 sticky strips so you can reuse each a second time with ease!) and affordable!  Check out their website for more info and to request a free sample!

I also received my Love Moose Pin from Magasin!! It may look familiar because I featured the little guy on a previous Hump Day Finds.

So cute!  I couldn’t wait to wear it – It makes me happy!

Was the mail man good to you this week?



  1. love the moose pin!!!

    off to check out eco enclosure! i already use recycled tissue and ribbon, and the envelope would be perfect for shipping. thanks for sharing.

  2. Don’t you just love getting stuff in the mail?!! ^_^ I love your moose pin! I got a pin in the mail too. Mine says “Keep Calm and Carry Chocolate”! It’s a ‘must-wear’!!! I also got a giveaway necklace that I won in the mail this past week. It’s been a good mail week!! :-)

  3. Wow – I love the recycled tissue paper and supplies you got! Great idea! Also, thanks so much again for purchasing my Moose pin – it looks great on you!! :)

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